2018 WyCB State Convention

Wyoming Council of the Blind 2018 State Convention
Friday, June 22       4 - 8pm  
Saturday, June 23     8:30 - 5:30
3030 South Poplar      Casper, WY
“Independence Despite Vision Loss”

Please plan to join us for our WyCB State Convention being held in Casper on June 22 and 23. This year will kick off Friday from 4 - 8pm with a Vendor Expo where you’ll have a chance to do hands on trials of various low vision equipment and other adaptive aids.  Saturday will be informative as well as interactive, with folks having the opportunity to experience learning to travel safely with a Sighted Guide as well as experiencing what it’s like to use a “white travel cane”.  You could be amazed at how helpful this training can be and hopefully it will alleviate some fears that some people think they might encounter.
* NOTE:  The trainers have asked that you bring your cane if you currently use one or if you have one that you think isn’t the right “fit”.
The highlight of the convention is our keynote speaker, Vince Ulstad, who was recommended as a highly inspirational and motivational speaker.  A brief biography is included in with this material.
During our annual business meeting, you will have the opportunity to elect some new Officers and Directors.  A ballot is enclosed in this packet in the event that you are unable to attend the convention and would consider submitting an absentee ballot, as provided for in our by-laws.
Lunch will immediately follow the business meeting and the awards will be presented during this time.  Please mark your lunch selection on the registration form.
This year’s event will be held in the fellowship hall of Bethel Baptist Church, located at 3030 South Poplar.  We plan to have a sign and/or balloons for easy identification but if you need directions, please call Jacquie at 307-359-8045.  We have some volunteers who are willing to provide rides if you need transportation. To sign up, please contact Jacquie for that as well.
For those traveling from out of town who need lodging, we have made arrangements for special pricing at two different hotels, the Quality Inn and the Holiday Inn.  An information page provides more detail.
Fundraising is a very important aspect of this organization in order to continue to grow and provide support to individuals with low vision, along with their family, support members, caregivers, and service providers.
This year we will be raffling several different packages rather than having a live auction.  We ask your participation in purchasing raffle tickets and would appreciate you sharing the word amongst friends and family; the winning tickets will be drawn on Saturday, June 23. The convention and the raffles are open to EVERYONE.  Adding to the fun of the convention will be lots of door prizes to be given away throughout the day.
Members are vital to this organization; without members, we wouldn’t exist!  One of the benefits to being a member of an organization is that people feel more of a connectedness and feel more secure when they know that they have others around them who share their goals and care about their progress.  If you are already a member, we thank you. If you are not yet a member, would you consider joining us today? Dues are just $20 a year. Please find a membership application enclosed.
Finally…. the registration form.  Please fill it out and complete all items that apply, including preferred print format and menu selection.  Completed registration forms and payment of $25 per person are due to treasurer, Ilene Whiteley, by June 6. Late registrations will be accepted until June 19 but the registration fee then increases to $40.  
We look forward to seeing you in Casper on June 22-23!
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Agenda for 2018 WyCB State Convention

Wyoming Council of the Blind 2018 State Convention
Saturday, June 23, 2018
8:30am - 5pm



  • Invocation - Pastor Steve Gunderson, Bethel Baptist Church
  • Welcome
  • President’s statement, President Graham Steel
  • Housekeeping
  • Flag Salute

Lions Club  - Who They Are and What They Do

Message from ACB Board  - Allan Peterson - ACB Liaison  

EZ Home “Eye-deas”


Touring Wyoming with Independence!  

Why is Orientation & Mobility Important?

  • Presenters: Ginny Chidsey, VOS and Laurel Henry, VIP

Annual Meeting

Lunch and Presentation of Scholarship and Outstanding Member Award  

Tour de Wyoming!  Giving O&M a Tour!

  • Presenters: Ginny Chidsey, VOS and Laurel Henry, VIP


Keynote Speaker:   "Life's Flourishing With Vision Loss"

  • Presenter: Vince Ulstad

Bio for Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Bio/Sketch


Late one beautiful summer night in June 2009, Vince Ulstad was heading home to  Fargo after an all-day business trip. He was on the interstate in central North Dakota when his vehicle collided head-on with another vehicle going the wrong direction, driven by a drunk driver.  The crash resulted in life-threatening injuries to him and the death of the other driver. Vince was rescued alive and rushed to an emergency room, but was not expected to live. His body suffered significant damage, including broken bones, multiple skull fractures, mangled muscles and nerves, and major blood loss.  Unknown was the extent of brain injury or other non-visible effects. After multiple surgeries and five weeks in a coma, Vince awoke to a new life of permanent and total blindness and the need to learn to walk again. Nearly six months later, after stays in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, he returned home from that business trip.

Unable to return to work as an agronomist for a global ag company and with physical therapy and instruction on daily skills as a blind person, Vince began a journey through life which he never thought would be necessary or even possible.  With the love and encouragement of family, friends, caregivers, and teachers, he discovered that life was, and could be, once again, good. Now, in his 61st year, he is eager to share with interested groups his story and the life lessons he has experienced.  His story has key messages for many types of audiences, whether business groups, civic organizations, high schools, colleges, churches and charitable organizations, or teams. Whether talking about encountering and overcoming adversity in life, the dangers of impaired driving, the value of friendship and encouragement, or the ultimate value of a person, he draws out specific lessons for each unique audience.  He may make you laugh and cry in the same sitting.

His lifelong interests & hobbies include camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, boating, fishing, ballroom dancing, bicycling, landscaping & gardening, farming, pheasant hunting, woodworking, & reading; all of which he loves to do with his sons Brent and Kyle.

For more information on Vince's story, contact him at:


Vince Ulstad

701.238.4251 (Cell)

Email: vince.ulstad@gmail.com

Skype:  ulstad57vl


Registration Form 2018 WyCB State Convention

WyCB 2018 State Convention



LARGE PRINT______     BRAILLE______ STANDARD______

______ Please indicate if you will be needing transportation in Casper.



______  BAKED HAM
______  QUINOA STUFFED PEPPER  (vegetarian and gluten-free)
The convention registration fee of $25 per person covers refreshments, lunch and all convention materials.  
Please mark your selections above.  Mail completed form along with your check made payable to “WYCB” to:

Ilene Whiteley, Treasurer
PO Box 433
Evansville, WY 82636
Fee for registrations received after June 6 and prior to June 19 will be $40.

Lodging for 2018 WyCB Convention

Lodging Choices for 2018 WyCB Convention

Holiday Inn

721 Granite Peak Drive
Casper, WY
(307) 577-5000

  • Reservations must be made by May 31, 2018.
  • Room Rate: $93.00 per day - Ask for Anita Wheeler or Chynna when making your reservations.  This will ensure you will receive the state rate.
  • Check in time:  3:00 P.M.
  • Check out time:  11:00 A.M.
  • A full service restaurant and bar is available at additional cost.
  • Shuttle available to and from the airport with a 24 hour notice. To other locations is dependent on the hotel’s availability of drivers.

Quality Inn

821 North Poplar
Casper, WY

  • Reservations must be made by June 6, 2018
  • Room Rate:  $83.00 per day.   A block of rooms has been identified for WyCB. Please mention that you are with WyCB and using one of the rooms from the block.
  • Check in time: 3:00 P.M. or before if the rooms are cleaned and available.
  • Check out time: 11:00 A.M.
  • A free continental breakfast is provided every day from 5:00 A.M. to 9:30 A.M.
  • The Quality Inn does NOT have a shuttle.


Purchase Raffle Tickets from Board Members

Purchase Raffle Tickets from Board Members

 To purchase raffle tickets or for any other questions about the convention, please contact any of the board members.


Jacquie Flatley 307-359-8045
Ilene Whiteley 307-265-2338
Chris Johnson   307-277-0582
Kendall Bays 307-277-0057
Cheryl Godley 307-267-3544


Mikaela Piasecki 740-827-8243


Sherry Leinen 307-746-6166


Linda Johnson 307-754-2421
Marti Blough 307-899-3177


Graham Steel 307-327-5143

Raffle Prizes for 2018 WyCB State Convention

Raffle Prizes for 2018 WyCB State Convention

Raffle #1 - Casper Night Out

  • 1 night Hotel stay at the Casper Ramkota
  • Dinner for 2 - Remington’s Restaurant
  • 2 movie tickets - Studio City East
  • $10 gift card - Dairy Queen    

Raffle #2 - Fun on the Water

  • Chartered Boat Sightseeing Tour for 2 - Big Horn Canyon
  • Koozie Chair Kooler
  • Rod and Reel
  • Tackle box and tackle

Raffle #3 - The Sweetest Things

  • 1 dozen cake pops
  • $10 gift card - Donells Candies
  • Gift Basket of sweet treats from Crave
  • $15 gift card - Bliss Yogurt
  • $20 gift card - The Flour Bin Bakery
  • $10 gift card - Metro Coffee Shop

Raffle #4 - Stay and Play

  • 1 night hotel stay at the Wind River Hotel
  • $25 gift certificate - Red Willow Restaurant
  • 2 rounds of golf
  • Free shuttle to golf course

Raffle #5 - BOSE headphones

  • Drawing to be held Saturday, June 23        
  • Need not be present to win
  • Raffle tickets are $5 each
Wyoming Council of the Blind Board of Directors sincerely appreciates your participation and financial support.


Election Info and Absentee Ballot

Election Info and Ballot


(excerpted from By-Laws)

Membership in this Organization shall be open to any person who is 18 years or older, with the proviso that the majority of all voting members be individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Junior members may be anyone blind or visually impaired and is under 18 years of age.  Payment of dues shall entitle junior members to voice and voting privileges.

Each voting member of this Organization who attends an annual convention shall be entitled to one vote.

Honorary Members:  The title of Honorary Member may be conferred on any person at any convention by a majority vote.  Persons so entitled shall not hold office, vote, or be required to pay dues. Recognition as an Honorary WyCB Member may be conferred on any person outside the Organization whose service to the community has in some manner benefited people who are blind or visually impaired


Officers of this Organization shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer (or Secretary/Treasurer).  Their terms shall be for two (2) years. The President and Secretary shall be elected in even-numbered years; the Vice-President and Treasurer in odd-numbered years.  The President and Vice-President shall be blind or visually impaired. The Secretary and Treasurer (or Secretary/Treasurer) may be sighted, visually impaired, or blind.

In addition to the Officers, this Organization shall have six (6) Directors elected for two-year terms.  Three (3) will be elected in even-numbered years and three (3) will be elected in odd-numbered years.






  • Sherry Leinen   Newcastle, WY    
  • Write In_____________________________



  • Julia Mason    Casper, WY
  • Write In_____________________________



  • Marti Blough Powell, WY
  • Jacquie Flatley    Casper, WY
  • Dolores Dolbare Casper, WY
  • Write In ____________________________


In the event that you are unable to attend the convention, please mark your choice of nominees and return your completed ballot no later than June 15.                        

Mail to:
Ilene Whiteley

PO Box 433
Evansville, WY 82636