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 Of the
Wyoming Council of the Blind
January, 2019


President’s Message

From Sherry Leinen

Hello everyone!!  I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Holiday.  Weather has been pretty rough around the whole state so I hope everyone is staying warm.  
I’m always looking for individuals to help on some committees; I especially need someone to write the Newsletter. Please give me a call if you want to find out what it involves.  Our Newsletter “Sightings” is how our members know what is going on with the organization. 
We want everyone to stay updated on what is going on in the organization.  We have included a summary of our board meetings and will continue to add them to each publication of our newsletter.  We want to hear your ideas, questions, and concerns.

You are always welcome to participate in our monthly board meetings.  They are the second Tuesday of every month at 7 PM.  We ask that if you do call in, that you please announce yourself so that we may add you to our minutes.  If you have something specific you would like to discuss, please call or email me before hand so that I may add you to the agenda.

My email is: and my phone number is 307-746-6166.   
The meetings are done by conference call and you can join by calling 
1-605-472-5395.  The access code is: 569373.
We are always updating our website,  Please let us know if you have any ideas on how to make it better.  
You can find out what is going on across the country by checking out the American Council of the Blind (ACB) link on our website.

Getting to Know Your Board

 Being born to Frank and Carol Hampton, in Des Moines Iowa, (1963), Dolores was raised with 5 siblings (Lockie(Vern), Frank, Cathy, John, Steve).  Her nickname growing up was “DeDe”.  She considers herself fortunate that she grew up working in the cornfields of Iowa every summer from 7th grade on.  “I really learned the importance of hard work, being honest, and showing love and compassion for others”, she states.
Dolores graduated High School in 1982 and moved to Wyoming to be with her family.  She fell in love with Tom Dolbare (a Casper native), son of Jim and Carolyn Dolbare and was married in 1983.  She is excited to soon celebrate their 36th Anniversary.  Tom and Dolores have three children (Tom(Kep), Mike and Katie.  They and their spouses (Katherine, Savannah and Rusty) have brought the excitement of 10 grandchildren to the family.  Dolores explains that God and family come first in her life.
After her third child Dolores was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 1989 and then type 1 diabetes in 1990.  Her husband was hired with the Wyoming Highway Patrol in 1990 and they ventured to Rawlins, then to Elk Mtn. and returned to Casper in 1996.  Over the years she has worked for KGWC-TV13, KTWO-TV, KFNB-TV and for several years Natrona County School District (CY Jr. High, District Office and at Alternative Learning Center).
One of her greatest struggles in life occurred 13 years ago when Dolores went on dialysis for 3 years (during which time she lost all vision for 3 months and was on oxygen).  After various eye surgeries she did regain partial vision in her right eye.  The complications of diabetes set in.  March 2008, after flying to Colorado to receive a donated kidney, all had come to a stop and she had to return to Casper because the kidney wasn’t a fit.  Soon after (April 21, 2008), her brother (Vern) made a great sacrifice when he donated on of his kidneys.  What a GIFT!
Now Dolores says she is making efforts to get out more and is starting classes at Wyoming Independent Living for Sign Language, Braille and Computer Skills.  Becoming a Director for WyCB is an exciting new venture for her.  She looks forward to building friendships and relationships with others.  If you see Dolores she may not see you so please introduce yourself.  She wants all your input.


Summary of Board Meeting Minutes

 August 14, 2018

There were eight of ten members present and one guest.
Minutes from the 7-10-18 meeting were approved as read.
Treasurers Report:  Ilene reported.  Beginning balance-$7527.63.  Income-interest $.57.  Expenditures-$2137.17.  Ending balance-$5391.03.  Motion carried to accept.

Committee Reports:
Scholarship: One of the members may act as head of the committee.  Sherry will speak with the member and report back to the board.
Convention: No report at this time.
Fundraisers: No report at this time.
Communications: Sherry will do the newsletter until someone else is found.  It was suggested by Annette Carter that a summary of the minutes be in the Newsletter to keep members informed of what we are doing.  
Old Business:
There will be a retreat for the members of the board the weekend of October 13, 2018.  Jacquie will talk with the pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church to see if we can meet there for the retreat.
The brochures can be adapted from the ACB’s brochure.  Kendall and Dolores will help Jacquie work on the brochure.  Annette Carter (Webmaster) will complete them when they are done.
The WyCB phone is no longer usable, Sherry will be the contact person at this time.
New Business:
There were 14 evaluations turned in from the convention.  There will be a report after the information is compiled.
Charlie Kinnune, Outreach Director for Democracy live contacted Sherry with information on Accessible voting by mail (AVBM).  Sherry will send the information to the board to look over and more will be discussed at a later meeting.
Guest Presentation:  Annette Carter, Webmaster, was the guest speaker.  She discussed getting a List Serve set up for WyCB.  Sherry will talk to the missing board members about the List Serve and get the information to Annette if everyone agrees.
Meeting adjourned.

September 11, 2018

Eight out of ten board members were present.  No guests.  
Minutes from August meeting accepted as read.
Treasurers report: Ilene W.
Beginning balance-$5391.03.  Income-Parkway deposit refund $400, interest-$.40, $35. 
Ending balance-$5756.50.  Accepted as read.
Committee Reports:
Newsletter: Newsletter is completed.  Only the July meeting minutes are included.  They will be put on the website.
Scholarship: No one to cover this committee at this time.  Job requires letters and applications be sent to all High Schools and Colleges, receive the applications and pick a winner.
Communication: The website has been updated.
The brochure is still being worked on.
Fundraisers: This will be discussed at the retreat in October.
Old Business: Sherry will call the Pastor of the Bethel Baptist church to book a room for the retreat.  Sherry will decide about having Bob Tanner speak on Roberts Rules of Order.  The retreat will begin at 9 AM.
Dolores gave a report on the convention evaluations that were returned.
Ilene will have the 501C3 form ready before Friday.
Sherry will contact Ed Buchanan, Secretary of State and discuss the Accessible Vote by Mail.
New Business: Tom L. emailed Sherry about being advocates for checking and changing the white cane laws in the Wyoming Drivers Manual.  Several members will research more and report back.
Newsletter is ready at the printer.  Julia will pick it up and she and Ilene will prepare them for mailing.  
Motion made and passed to pay the bill for printing the newsletter at Quality Office Solutions in Casper.
Meeting adjourned.

October 8, 2018

Six out of ten board members present.
Guest: Laurel Henry with Wyoming Independent Living.  She spoke about the White Cane Laws in Wyoming.  National White Cane Day is October 15th.  This will be discussed at further meetings.
Minutes from September meeting approved as read.
Treasurers report:  Beginning balance-$5756.50.  Income-$.44 interest.  Expenditures-$31.97 reimburse Ilene for payment of 501C3 to Secretary of State, $47.88 reimburse Ilene for flowers to Jacquie, who is rehabilitating from an injury. Ending balance-$5677.09.
Committee Reports:
Newsletter: Sherry requested a bio from Dolores.
Scholarship: Dolores volunteered to work on this committee.
Communication: The website is up to date.
The convention and fundraisers will be discussed at the retreat on October 13th from 9-6 in Casper.
Old Business:
501C3 forms are completed, paid for and submitted successfully.
New Business:
Sherry was contacted by an organization that is looking for volunteers concerning an App that helps visually impaired individuals find stationary objects.  Sherry will send the board the information.
Meeting adjourned.

November 13, 2018

Five out of 10 board members present.  No quorum.  Discussion meeting held, no motions were made.
No guests.
Minutes were read, no motion to pass.
Treasurers report: Ilene W.
Beginning balance-$5677.09.  Income-$.51 interest.
Ending balance-$5577.60.
Committee Reports:
Newsletter: Sherry is working on it.  
Scholarship: Sherry got Dolores the High School and College names, address and contact information.  She will have Chris J. help her get them the scholarship information.
Communication: Jacquie has a committee working on the new brochure.
Convention: The date is June 29, 2019 at The Bethel Baptist Church in Casper.
Fundraisers: Board members worked on packages to put together for fundraisers.  Cheryl sent Sherry a report.  She has 2 tickets for an Event at The Events Center in Casper.
Old Business:
Sherry will email some information she has about Accessible Absentee voting.
Sherry will work on getting a meeting with the Governor to present the Accessible Absentee voting and the White Cane Law possible changes.
New Business:
Sherry was contacted about a resource handbook being put together for the visually impaired in Wyoming.  Sherry will send the WyCB information to be added to the handbook.
Meeting adjourned.

Tech Talk

With Chris Johnson  


Last time I talked about text-to-speech.  But what if you want to hear the printed text from a paper document?  In the 1980’s Ray Kurzweil came up with Optical Character Recognition, or OCR for short.  It was expensive and not very accurate.  Now there are apps for smartphones and tablets that do this well for free or less than $5.
Wow!  Do you see the possibilities here?  How about labels, medications, business cards, receipts, signs?!
OCR Apps for Smartphones
Over a year or so ago Microsoft came up with a free iPhone app called Seeing A I.  It will just start reading whatever is in the camera’s view or you can snap a picture of a document to hear it and even have it describe the landscape.
Some other pretty good iPhone OCR apps are:
Prizmo, Prizmo Go and Text Grabber
And for Android the best ones are called Text Fairy, Text Scanner and Microsoft Office Lens, which can even pick up some handwriting (though probably not mine).  Generally, OCR doesn’t work well on handwriting (except when opened up in note taking apps like Google  Notes, Evernote or OneNote).  I’ll cover Calendars, reminders and note taking another time.
Lastly when doing OCR from a tablet or phone, make sure your document or printed text is in a well lit area with a lamp for example.  With your elbows on the table, hold your device up above the document etc you’d like to read.  For better precision, you may consider a stand like Scanjig.
OCR for the Computer
If you have a copier or scanner the likelihood is that a competent OCR program was put onto your computer already when your scanner’s software was installed.  If not, there are lots of options, like the popular ReadIris software or free favorites, Simple OCR and FreeOCR.  Another option to consider is an inexpensive document camera with accompanying OCR software; or a self-contained CCTV magnification device with OCR such as HIMS GoVision.
If you need assistance with setting up some of these things or have questions, feel free to call or email Chris Johnson at (307) 277-0582 or
Chris Johnson
Assistive Technology Specialist
150 East B St. #44
Casper, WY 82602
Phone: (307) 277-0582
“Express, Educate & Employ your Abilities with the right technology and training!”


Walgreens has a history of breaking new ground to meet its customers’ needs and improve their health, from offering self-service stores beginning in the 1950’s to developing a 5-star rated mobile app today.
Today Walgreens continues their tradition of innovation by becoming the first healthcare retailer and pharmacy chain to enable free Aira Access-meaning that you can connect with an agent for free whenever shopping at one of their participating stores!
What can you do with Aira at Walgreens?
- Find specific items in the aisles
- Find a staff member to help address your specific needs
- Navigate to the pharmacy
- Identify the shortest checkout line
- Identity items on sale
- Sort coupons to get the best deal
Some FAQs
How does it work?
If you have allowed Aira notifications, your Aira app will notify you that you’ve entered a free Aira Access location.  While in an Aira Access Location, tap on the notification or open you Aira app to connect with an agent for free.
Can my friends use it too?
Absolutely!  They can download the Aira app and register for free as a Guest to navigate the store with their phone.
Do I need to use my Aira smart glasses?
As an Explorer, you can use your smart glasses or your phone.  Guests can only use Aira for free in Aira Access Locations by using their smartphone.
Is there a limit to how long I can use Aira at Walgreens?
No!  You can use Aira for as long as you need during your Walgreens experience.
Check with your local Walgreens to see if they offer the Aira service.
Refer a friend to join and get a discount on your Aira service!  Simply choose “Referral” in the More tab in the Aira app to send them an invite.
Happy Exploring!!
The Aira Team
Have any questions or issues?  Contact Customer Care at 800-835-1934 or email
Aira Tech Corp
4225 Executive Square
La Jolia, CA


Insightful Publications:
Christine Chaikin-Founder
I have created a screen reader-friendly Wyoming Resource Handbook containing resources pertaining to the blind and visually impaired, for use by consumers and professionals.
This handbook is for the residents of Wyoming and includes the many organizations for the blind and visually impaired covering areas such as employment, housing, transportation and more.
The handbook includes contact information on the local, regional and national level.  For more information on pricing and formats please contact Insightful Publications by email at or by phone at (808) 747-1006.  Or visit our website at for more information on pricing, formats available and the state resource handbook order form.