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Vision Outreach Services (VOS)

State of Wyoming
Department of Education

Internet address:
Program Manager:  Leslie Bechtel Van Orman
Telephone:  Lander Office – 307-856-5652

This is a must-know resource for individuals in the state of Wyoming with B/VI. VOS provides a wide variety of services to individuals with B/VI, including children and adults. They ensure school age children with B/VI are receiving materials in a modality that works for them, along with all the necessary training, teaching, and support required of school age children.

VOS also administers the Older Blind Program in the state of Wyoming that provides services for individuals 55 and older.

Some of the services VOS provides include:

  • Orientation and mobility training
  • Basic braille instruction
  • Marking appliances
  • Support for families and individuals to adjust to sight loss
  • Suggestions for, and training on, assistive technology
  • Referral and resources
  • And many other additional services

The VOS staff is highly specialized in working with individuals with B/VI. The staff is located in various towns in Wyoming and each staff member provides services to a geographical region in the state. They work hard to meet the needs of many persons and are an incredible resource.

According to VOS, if people contact the Lander office, they will connect clients with the appropriate staff member for their region for all services.

Other resources available through VOS:

The Adult Forum is facilitated monthly by Laurel Henry. It is an opportunity to meet via telephone with other individuals with B/VI. It presents information pertinent to B/VI-related issues or concerns. If you are interested in checking out or joining this group, call Laurel Henry at 307-472-2085.

The Talking Books program is implemented by VOS in Wyoming and is administered by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress. This program provides printed material, such as book and magazines, in alternative formats such as Braille, large print, digital audio recordings, and so on. The program is free and is available for individuals with BVI, learning disabilities, and/or physical challenges. When you apply for the program, it will be necessary to validate your disability. The Talking Books Program also provides equipment for the use of their special cartridges for audio format. When you get signed up, you can call the Utah State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped to order books you desire. This is a wonderful resource. Call the Casper office at 307-265-8818 or your appropriate regional consultant for additional information.
Montgomery Trust Fund for the Blind (MTF) is administered by VOS. The State of Wyoming received part of the estate of Mr. Montgomery, and provides grants to individuals with B/VI for
specialized training or assistive technology. Once an application for a grant is completed, it will then be evaluated to determine whether it meets the criteria for funding by VOS and the MTF Review Board. This is an incredible and unique resource, as no other state has this type of funding resource for individuals with B/VI.  

To find out more about the MTF, call Haylee Cole at 307- 857-9268. She will set up a meeting to assess the needs of the applicant with the appropriate regional consultant, who will complete the application for the applicant. You may also directly call the regional consultant for your area.


Northwest/Northeast Region
Jennifer D’Alessandro – Consultant
Carrie Pacileo – Administrative Assistant

Southwest Region
Leslie Bechtel-Van Orman – Program Manager
Haylee Cole – Administrative Assistant
215 Lincoln St.
Lander, WY 82520
Telephone: 307-856-5652
Fax: 307-857-9257

Northeast/Central Region
Laurel Henry – Consultant
Brenda Ariosto – Administrative Assistant

Southeast Region
Tia Reed – Consultant
Carrie Pacileo – Administrative Assistant